The time for seems to have come, so I decided to stop the service and shut down the server in the medium term.

The deadline is May 31, 2018, then it's over.

Here are all important points

  1. From now on, no new registrations (not even by invitation) are possible.
  2. Existing Groups if necessary, please move and inform the members.
  3. If you want to delete your account in advance, you can do so here:
  4. Data export is not possible, the GNU Social software does not offer this functionally. Possibly third tools are usefule, like e.g.
  5. After the deadline I will irretrievably delete all data. No second chance, no backup.

The reasons

At the moment the server costs 24€/month and is at its limits in terms of load, which regularly leads to downtime. Debugging the whole thing and finally fixing the bugs is beyond my capabilities. The time required to compensate for such losses is also immense.

In addition, there is hardly any de facto development work on GNU Social. A look at shows how little happens and over 180 open issues also says a lot. This shouldn't be a reproach to the developers, they just missed to get more contributors interested in GNU Social over the years. You're going to get even.

Another point is the necessity: when I started, there were very few nodes. This has just changed through Mastodon, but also thanks to Friendica and Hubzilla. The Fediverse is a hundred times larger than just a few years ago.

And finally the “centralization”: has 1,909 users today. Of course, this is far too much for a decentralized network. Find a node at for example, I may do the same.

A thank you

Finally, I would like to thank all users, helpers, donors and friends. It was a great time and I always enjoyed doing the work for you. Until now - and that's why it's over now.